Marina Malyarenko, Lead artist of Catharsis installation.

Marina Malyarenko is a Ukrainian artist based in Seattle, WA. She’s most famous for her Petrykivka paintings and art classes.

Marina has worked with several designers creating stylish accessories, beautiful and unique prints for clothing.

Her Petrykivka painting is the main masterpiece of Catharsis art installation.

Mark Trembach, architect

Mark Trembach is a lead architect of Catharsis project.

He is experienced in designing large constructions and buildings.

Mark is very concerned about the architecture of cities and strongly believes we should build cities to be self-sustainable.

Oleksy laughing during his own photo shoot (week of a snowstorm in Seattle, Feb 8th)

Oleksy Ohurtsov is a video producer and director telling the story of Catharsis team and journey.

Oleksy is in love with Seattle and photography, calls himself a gigolo just to mess with you.

While a brilliant photographer he is color blind which makes his work even so much more authentic.

Aly Owens, people gatherer

Aly Owens is the project lead and the concept co-creator. A product manager by day and a social entrepreneur by night, she enjoys connecting people and hopes to inspire more individuals to continuously grow.

She believes the world will be a better place if everybody goes through Burning Man experience at least once.

Oksana Georgiu, drink pourer

Oksana Georgiu is the social media diva and actress based in LA.

Her secret power is mixing drinks which we find handy on Playa.

Project Helpers