What a F**ing Catharsis!

“What a fucking catharsis!”, I keep thinking to myself more and more often.

Catharsis means to release energy through creative channels as a result of purging emotions for some time. At least, that’s my interpretation of this powerful word.

Two butterflies standing in front of a church, who went through their own very different metamorphosis which will create a different catharsis.

The metamorphosis in our lives never really stops, and if we don’t grow, change, then we don’t really live.

There have been so many changes in my own life, the lives of my friends, which allow me to believe that you, too, are going through changes. That’s good. Not easy, but good…

The creativity that keeps bursting out of my friends and I just proves that we’ve been purging for too long. But those experiences we had in the past brought us all here and allowed us to connect.

One of the disadvantages of today is our unwillingness to connect because it’s way harder than putting a “like” on a picture or a post.

Let’s take a challenge and try to connect with somebody on this beautiful Sunday. Call up your friend, talk to a stranger, forgive that person you love.

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