UPDATES: Fundraiser, Catharsis Camp, Welding…

Event Promo

Hey there,

Aly here. The last time I wrote a blog post it was snowing outside and we were rescheduling the Catharsis party to March 1, 2019.

If you didn’t get a chance, I must say, it was a blast. We had a great crowd and Marina’s butterfly painting, along with awesome and very diverse performers, made the night pretty entertaining.

After the party was over and the glitter dust settled we wanted to make a decision on the camp. While we had a few options in mind, Dj Irlando Vesna, a.k.a. Vlad, suggested we join forces with his best friends and create a Catharsis camp.

And this is exactly what we did. Yay for Catharsis camp! Of course, while we have grand plans it is still up to Burning Man administration to approve us. It sometimes takes a while before a team gets their official approval for a camp, so we crossed our fingers and hope we get placed with Rogue Nation Village.

BTW: If you are planning to go to Burning Man for the first time, might I suggest you start actively looking for a camp as soon as you read this?

Another thing we were busy with was testing material. One of them was tetsing fluroscent paint:

Success! The paint worked!

So, we sent our art and camp applications in March.

And now, here we are in full spring. The cherry blossoms in Washington state mean it’s April, which tells us there are only four months left before Burning Man.

The main sale was not as successful for many and a few of you faced challenges with the website. We do have a few tickets for the team but not yet enough to cover everybody. There are a few more sales and I am sure we’ll get lucky.

We were also looking for a space to start the building process itself. After weeks and weeks of research, we finally found a space which we are super stoked about.

We have received messages from welders who are interested to work on the project and that encourages us that we’ll get things done in time.

Very soon You will be checking out our Live videos of us working on the installation.

As we move forward there is a couple more good news. We are considering hosting another big party. Additionally, there’s a secret event all our #Catharsis followers will be invited to by the first week of May.

We now sell t-shirts to fundraise. Message us

While we are working hard on the project, please, be our virtual teammates and donate to the construction of the grand butterfly. #ExperienceCatharsis