A Photo Shoot During a Snowstorm

As we were preparing for the first fundraiser our excitement kept going up with days. Everybody was working on something – a large painting, venue decorations, promotions, music tracks, video and photo content, event planning, schedules, etc.

Time was running out. Many of us went to Opulent Temple party the weekend before our own Catharsis party. It was a blast. The weather was perfect. Until we woke up the next morning, the Superbowl Sunday. Snow. A lot of it. In fact, it was a snowpocalypse for Seattle.

We were praying for snow to melt and clear up before February 8th.

Marina working on the painting in her studio https://www.facebook.com/catharsis2019/photos/pcb.394607411289429/394607231289447/?type=3&theater

As many of you know, due to the weather we had to reschedule the party and make adjustments just like everybody in King County.

On February 8th, my birthday, we all got together in our house/creative space, started the fire, opened up a few bottles of wine and had a day of fun.

Our photo session was not only productive but very creative. Everybody got involved…


Even my dog, Zoya, is now an instagrammer and fundraiser promoter. 

Quite a catharsis she’s going through 🙂